Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Version 1.28.14 under development

Version 1.28.14 under development.

In this version:

- Fixed usability issue: OpenOffice integration Preferences: button "Test" disabled if text field "OpenOffice folder" is empty;
- Fixed usability issue: Edit dialogs have more relevant title, when item name/subject is empty;
- New Folder: Office;
- New Table: Diary (folder Office);
- Columns dialog now come with Drug and Drop support
- Arrow icons on buttons Right/Left, Up/Down.
- Code improvements.


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Ricardo Andrés said...

What atributtes have the table diary?

airTODO said...

Date, time and descriprion of event

Ricardo Andrés said...

Is posible add a new activity status for a task?

Actually, the options are 'In progress', Freezed and Cancelled.

I need a 'Completed'.

I use the version 1.28.13.

Santosh said...

Thanks for sharing . very informative information. I will bookmarking this post.